Monday, November 26, 2012

On-board Spa Experience - The Private Heaven

Bradford Products has become more involved with the design and fabrication of on-board wellness suites and yacht spas for new and renovated mega yachts. Participation as a co-panelists at this year’s Superyacht Design Symposium in Miami, Bradford’s Paul Greenman had the opportunity to address on-board space allocation as the key to integrating custom spa experience wellness amenities on board. Furthermore, collaboration with the spa consultant, architect, designer, and product supplier at the earliest possible involvement of the project was just as significant.

Adding to Bradford’s already acclaimed custom yacht spas, we introduced the concept of the Private Heaven experience cabin. The builders, architects, designers, and owners in the audience were amazed when they heard that they could have the experience of a caldarium’s dry, warm heat to relax in with soft sound and aroma, next, press a button to fill the experience “cabin” with steam, and then engage the Experience Shower portion of the Private Heaven, which would most likely be an Arctic Blast for a rapid cool down after the warm steam. Upon closing the pores of the skin with “chill” they could then run through a synchronized sequence of Tropical Rain, Island Storm, or Aqua Massage, programmed in conjunction with light, temperature changes, aroma, and sound, with intermittent side body jets and misters working in harmony to provide the true experience of a Private Heaven. What totally astounded the Superyacht Design Symposium audience was when this could be provided in no more space than a normal sized shower stall.  With space being a premium, even aboard a megayacht, this was “private heaven” sent to them.